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Whether employee entitled to ownership of patent application - Prosyscor Ltd v Netsweeper Inc [IPEC] 22.05.19 (Unreported)

A former employee was not entitled to ownership of an international patent application where his contribution to devising the inventive concept of the claimed subject-matter had been made in the course of his normal duties as an employee: the invention, and ownership of the patent application, belonged to the employer under the Patents Act 1977 s.39. Acts within the normal course of an employee's duties did not cease to be so merely because the employee had decided to carry them out at home, outside office hours or on his own equipment.
Category: Intellectual Property » Confidentiality; Patents. Keyword(s): Employment. Area(s) of law: Employment; Technology and Information.
Source: [2019] EWHC 1302 (IPEC).

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