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UK Government should remove Scotland from Trades Union Bill, says Holyrood Committee

The UK Government should remove Scotland from the reach of the Trades Union Bill to avoid damaging industrial relations north of the border, says a Holyrood committee report published today. And if the UK Government is not willing to amend its Bill, the Scottish Government should use any means available to encourage the lodging and agreement of amendments in the House of Lords to achieve that outcome. Holyrood’s Devolution Committee further reports that, should this process fail, then as a minimum, regulation-making powers should be conferred upon Scottish Ministers in relation to ‘facility time’ and ‘check-off’. These issues relate directly to public services in Scotland, such as local authorities, the NHS and Police Scotland, all of which are devolved matters.

Scottish Government news release re speech by First Minister
Scotland should be excluded from Trades Union Bill: Holyrood committee (Journal Online 18.01.16)
Scottish Parliament news release
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Category: Constitutional Law » Devolution; Scottish Parliament. Keyword(s): Trade unions; Industrial action. Area(s) of law: Employment; Public Sector.
Source: Scottish Parliament.

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