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Top 10 deterrents to hiring

BIS launched a ‘call for evidence’ on the Government’s proposals for no-fault dismissals earlier this month. The consultation document is called ‘Dealing with dismissal and “compensated no fault dismissal” for micro businesses’ and can be found HERE. Particularly interesting is a list found on page 30 of the top 10 regulations, as voted on by businesses, which they cite as being a deterrent to hiring staff. The list is:

10 – Discrimination

9 – Time off to train

8 – Sickness absence

7 – Working time regulations

6 – Employer’s liability insurance

5 – National insurance

4 – National minimum wage

3 – Tax

2 – Maternity / paternity leave

and the number 1 regulation cited by the businesses surveyed as a deterrent from hiring staff is…

1 – Health & Safety.

It seems fair to say that quite a few of these ‘regulations’ are unavoidable aspects of running a business, with ‘tax’ as an example. Perhaps surprisingly, given the subject of the consultation, businesses don’t consider the regulations relating to dismissal to be in the top 10 when it comes to regulations that they consider to be a deterrent to hiring staff.

I’m curious whether any of our followers think that there are certain regulations which deter them from hiring staff and how they compare to this list. Is the government on the right path with their proposals for no fault dismissals for micro businesses?

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