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The Hollywood pay gap

If you’ve been following the media reporting on Hollywood actors and their pay, you won’t have missed the comments made by several A-list female movie stars recently about pay inequality in the film industry.

This week, Jennifer Lawrence has written an open letter addressing the issue. Following the infamous hack on Sony, Miss Lawrence discovered she had been paid significantly less than her male co-stars for the movie “American Hustle”. In her open letter she states that she “failed as a negotiator” because her need “to be liked” and not wanting to be seen as being “difficult” meant that she didn’t ask Sony for more money.

Other Hollywood actors including Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, and Emma Watson, have now thrown their weight behind the issue suggesting it is not at all uncommon. Indeed, just last week Meryl Streep said she believes she is still paid less than her male co-stars and that the problem is industry wide.

In the UK, the Closing the Gender Pay Gap consultation closed last month. It is anticipated that new regulations providing for mandatory gender pay reporting for employers in the private and voluntary sectors with 250 or more employees will be introduced in 2016. Meanwhile, the Scottish Government has published a consultation on improving the diversity of local authority and government body board members and lowering the employee threshold for publishing gender pay gap information and equal pay statements from 150 to 20.

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