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State immunity claim fails in Supreme Court - Reyes v Al-Malki and another [SupCrt EW] 18.10.17

Employment - State immunity - Appellant employed as domestic worker by Saudi Arabian diplomatic agent and his wife - Claims by appellant against respondents, for direct and indirect race discrimination, unlawful deductions from wages (failure to pay the national minimum wage), and breach of Working Time Regulations - Respondents arguing that they had diplomatic immunity. HELD appeal allowed. The employment of Ms Reyes to carry out domestic tasks in the residence of Mr and Mrs Al-Malki was not an act in the exercise of the diplomatic functions of the mission. Consequently, neither of the respondents may rely on residual immunity.

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Category: Employment » Minimum wage; Race discrimination; Remuneration; Working time. Keyword(s): Diplomatic immunity. Area(s) of law: Employment; Public Sector.
Source: [2017] UKSC 61; Times 27.10.17.

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