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Shared parental leave and flexible working: some survey results

Shared parental leave – Working Families and Netmums Survey

A survey of 1500 mothers for Working Families and Netmums found that only 17% thought their partners would want to take shared leave (as proposed in the Children and Families Bill). 28% of those surveyed thought their partner might want to take shared leave but that it would be impractical; 14% said that he would not want to take the time off; while 41% said that the family could not afford it.

Flexible working – CIPD report – flexible working provision and update

CIPD research (based on a study of more than 1,000 employers and 2,000 employees) shows that only 4% of employers have had difficulties with complying with the current statutory right to request flexible working. 70% of employers believe that flexible working supports employee retention, motivation and engagement; while 50% are of the view that it has a positive impact on absence levels and productivity.

The research also produced some interesting figures as to the popularity of different types of flexible working with part time working and flexitime being the most common (part time working (32%); flexitime (25%); home working (20%); mobile working (14%); compressed hours (5%); term time working (2%) and job share (1%)).

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