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Question of supremacy of EU law in discrimination case - The Minister for Justice and Equality and Commissioner of the Garda Síochána v Workplace Relations Commission (C-378/17) [ECJ AdvGen] 11.09.18 (Unreported)

Request for a preliminary ruling — A rule dividing jurisdiction between two bodies in specific cases on the basis of the nature of the complaint made — Complaints of discrimination in the context of employment — Limited jurisdiction of a statutory body — No jurisdiction to hear cases requiring the disapplication of national legislation in conflict with EU law — Primacy of EU law — Full effectiveness — Procedural autonomy of Member States — Equivalence and effectiveness. OPINION that a rule of jurisdiction which divided jurisdiction in specific cases between a statutory body and an ordinary court on the basis of the complaint made, did not breach the principle of the primacy of EU law and fells within the scope of the procedural autonomy of Member States.

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Category: European Union Keyword(s): Employment; Jurisdiction; Supremacy of EU law. Area(s) of law: Employment; Public Sector.

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