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Only 2% of unfair dismissal awards are over £50,000

In July I blogged about the annual tribunal statistics for 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012, in particular the 15% fall in the number of employment tribunal claims received. The Ministry of Justice has now released more statistics, including details of average compensation awards for unfair dismissal and discrimination claims.

The average award in unfair dismissal claims was £9,133, while the median award was £4,560. The median award is generally seen to be a more accurate figure (as it is the middle award it is not so affected by any extremely high awards).

Only 2% of all unfair dismissal awards were over £50,000. This is interesting in light of the government’s current proposals to reduce the maximum compensatory award and/or to introduce a cap on individual awards of 12 months’ pay.

The median awards in successful discrimination claims were:

  • £8,928 for disability discrimination (highest award: £390,871);
  • £6,746 for sex discrimination (highest award: £89,700);
  • £6,065 for age discrimination (highest award: £144,100);
  • £5,256 for race discrimination (highest award: £4,445,023);
  • £13,505 for sexual orientation discrimination (highest award: £27,473); and
  • £4,267 for religion or belief discrimination (highest award: £59,522).

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