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Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Extension of Maritime Labour Certificate) (Amendment) Regulations 2019. SI 2019/716

In Force: 23 April 2019 These Regulations amend the Merchant Shipping (Maritime Labour Convention) (Survey and Certification) Regulations 2013 to implement the amendments of 2016 to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, approved at the 105th session of the International Labour Conference on 9 June 2016. The paragraphs inserted into reg.10 by these Regulations allow a certifying authority of the UK to extend the period of validity of a Maritime Labour Certificate by up to 5 months where a renewal survey has been completed but a new Maritime Labour Certificate cannot be immediately issued and made available on board the ship. Where the certifying authority exercises its power under the inserted paragraphs it must endorse the extended Maritime Labour Certificate accordingly. The new Maritime Labour Certificate must be issued as being valid from the original date of expiry (as defined) of the existing certificate.
Category: Shipping Keyword(s): Employment. Area(s) of law: Employment; Transport.

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