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Legislative Scrutiny: Trade Union Bill: First Report of Session 2015-16. (HL Paper No.92 (Session 2015/16); HC Paper No.630 (Session 2015/16))

A Joint Committee on Human Rights report on the Trade Union Bill 2015. It states that the Bill raises a number of potential human rights concerns. Some of the relevant proposals, particularly those relating to ballot thresholds and facility time, will be introduced by way of secondary legislation. This makes an assessment of the legality and proportionality of these measures difficult at this stage. It draws to the attention of both Houses that cl.14 would, in some circumstances, remove from certain public sector workers a contractual right to have union subscriptions deducted from wages (check off). This might amount to differential treatment of trade union members in their enjoyment of the right to property.
Category: Employment » Trade unions; Human Rights. Area(s) of law: Employment; Public Sector.
Source: House of Lords and House of Commons Joint Committee on Human Rights.

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