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Interactive Disciplinary Guide launches today

The Brodies Employment Team continue their innovative BResourceFull online portal with the addition of an interactive disciplinary guide. The guide is free to all BResourceFull members and allows users to navigate easily through a standard disciplinary process.

Straightforward and easy to use, the guide contains basic information which will assist line managers and others less familiar with disciplinary processes. It also contains more detailed analysis of some of the trickier areas of managing disciplinary issues such as witnesses, companions and those who fail to appear and so is an indispensable tool for HR practitioners tasked with supporting these processes.

Through the simple step by step process, users will find style letters, guidance notes and FAQs at the tip of their fingers without the need to scroll through pages of text or dense practice manuals.

If you are interested in receiving the guide but are not a BResourceFull member please register using this link. We will be happy to discuss membership and how Brodies can support your business.

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