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Guidance on Facility Time Reporting for Public Sector Employers

The Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements) Regulations 2017 require public sector employers to publish information relating to facility time with the first reports required to be published by 31 July 2018. Public sector employers are in scope if they have at least one trade union representative and more than 49 full time equivalent (FTE) employees. The guidance, which has been produced in conjunction with the STUC, outlines the Scottish Government’s support for trade unions and facility time; eases the burden of the reporting requirements on public bodies; and ensures that facility time data is set in the context of the benefits that facility time brings to the workplace. Importantly, it reflects the Scottish Government’s view that Facility time is a crucial mechanism through which trade unions can represent their members and ensure the effective voice of workers; a key dimension fair work.
Category: Employment » Trade unions. Keyword(s): Public sector employees. Area(s) of law: Employment; Public Sector.
Source: Scottish Government.

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