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English High Court case on restrictive covenants - Bartholomews Agri Food Ltd v Thornton [QBD] 23.03.16 (Unreported)

Employment contracts - Restrictive covenants - Non-compete clause preventing employee from working with any of employer's existing customers for six months - Employer to continue to pay employee for six month period - Employee taking position as trainee when covenant initially in place but promoted to more senior position since. HELD that the covenant was unenforceable at the time of the contract and remained so notwithstanding his promotions since. It was also contrary to public policy for an employer to "purchase" a restraint of trade by paying the employee during the period of restraint
Category: Employment » Contracts of employment; Restrictive covenants. Area(s) of law: Employment; Corporate and Commercial Law.
Source: [2016] EWHC 648 (QB).

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