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Employment law DIY – introducing a new weekly blog

Welcome to my new blog. I took a bit of persuading to get started, but with the news that Brodies is fast becoming one of the best legal firms for engagement with social media I decided not to get left behind!  

As a major devotee of home improvement TV shows ranging from ‘Grand Designs’ and ‘DIY SOS’ I think I know the difference between what I can attempt myself and what I should leave to the professionals. That idea translates quite easily into the world of employment law. The best HR teams that I have worked with also know the line between what they can do themselves and what an effective employment lawyer can help with. So the aim of the blog is to gather together fixes and techniques for dealing with common problems that you can try yourselves. The emphasis will be on common sense – a valuable commodity in this world. I will also try to show you where the line might be between the DIY option and the decision to take professional advice. The blog will tackle the old favourites such as grievances during disciplinary hearings and bullying allegations after performance management. Even if what I say is not new, it should serve as a memory jogger or an action list that you might just find helpful.

The first post will go out tomorrow, so please tune in (not the right expression, but you know what I mean…).

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