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Employment law changes effective tomorrow

National minimum wage

The national minimum wage hourly rates are increasing tomorrow:

  • Workers aged 21 and over (standard adult rate) – £6.70 (from £6.50)
  • Workers aged 18-20 (development rate) – £5.30 (from £5.13)
  • Workers aged 16-17 (young worker’s rate) – £3.87 (from £3.79)
  • Apprentices under 19 or in first year of apprenticeship (apprenticeship rate) – £3.30 (from £2.73)

Recommendations in discrimination cases

The power of employment tribunals to make wider recommendations in successful discrimination claims will be removed. A wider recommendation is a recommendation as to steps the respondent should take to reduce the adverse effect of discrimination not only on the claimant, but also on others (e.g. by providing training or implementing a policy on equal opportunities). Tribunals will still be able to make recommendations for the benefit of the individual claimant.

Modern slavery statements

Commercial organisations with an annual turnover of at least £36 million will have to publish a slavery and human trafficking statement every year. Our public law and regulatory team has published a blog on the new duties which you can read here.

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