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Damages for wrongful termination of employment contract - Gardiner v Renyana Stahl Anstalt [ShCt (Stirling)] 01.08.19

Employment - Pursuer claiming damages for wrongful termination of his employment contract - Relevancy and specification of pleadings - Defender averring that termination resulted from pursuer's gross misconduct and breach of fiduciary duty - Calculation of damages payable if pursuer established his case - Amount of damages sought based on salary which would have been due between termination of contract and end of fixed term of contract - Relevancy - Defender arguing that basis should have been the period of notice under the contract - No provision in contract for termination by notice before expiry of fixed term. HELD proof before answer allowed, all pleas standing.

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Category: Employment » Contracts of employment; Dismissal; Remedies. Keyword(s): Pleadings. Area(s) of law: Employment; Litigation.
Source: [2019] SC STI 88; 2019 GWD 39-626.

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