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CJEU judgment on meaning of "redundancy" - Halina Socha and Others v Szpital Specjalistyczny im. A. Falkiewicza we Wroclawiu (2017) (C-149/16) [ECJ] 21.09.17 (Unreported)

Reference for a preliminary ruling — Social policy — Collective redundancies — Directive 98/59/EC article 1(1) — Concept of ‘redundancies’ — Assimilation to redundancies of ‘terminations of an employment contract which occur on the employer’s initiative’ — Unilateral amendment by the employer of pay and working conditions. HELD that an employer was required to engage in the consultations provided for in Directive 98/59 art.2 when it intended, to the detriment of the employees, to make a unilateral amendment to the terms of remuneration which, if refused by the employees, would result in termination of the employment relationship, to the extent that the conditions laid down in art.1(1) of that directive were fulfilled.

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Category: Employment » Information and consultation; Redundancy; EC Law. Keyword(s): Collective redundancies. Area(s) of law: Employment.

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