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CJEU case re public procurement and minimum wage - RegioPost GmbH & Co. KG v Stadt Landau (2015) (C-115/14) [ECJ] 17.11.15 (Unreported)

Reference for a preliminary ruling — Article 56 TFEU — Freedom to provide services — Restrictions — Directive 96/71/EC — Article 3(1) — Directive 2004/18/EC — Article 26 — Public procurement — Postal services — Legislation of a regional entity of a Member State requiring tenderers and their subcontractors to undertake to pay a minimum wage to staff performing the services covered by the public contract. HELD that EU law allowed the exclusion from a procedure for the award of a public contract of a tenderer who refused to undertake to pay staff concerned the minimum wage

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Category: PPP Procurement » Public procurement. Keyword(s): Employment; Minimum wage. Area(s) of law: Employment; Projects And Procurement; Infrastructure.

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