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But first, let me take a selfie

It seems that the world of HR is the latest victim of the global selfie craze. On Tuesday, the BBC reported that Humberside Police are requiring job applicants to submit a selfie along with their application for the role of Deputy Chief Constable. (NB – the advert didn’t specify whether or not a selfie stick should be used).

Humberside Police said it was essential that candidates “embraced new technology” – and their rather unique recruitment campaign is supposed to reflect this, encouraging candidates to get involved and show their enthusiasm from the word go.

So what do employers need to think about when asking employees for selfies?

Much in the same way as there are risks involved with social-media vetting of candidates, employers need to be alert to the risk of discrimination – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Photos of candidates can give employers a whole host of information, including the person’s race, age and religion. This makes it easier for an aggrieved rejected candidate to claim that they weren’t offered the job because of a protected characteristic and claim discrimination.

For more information on social media and recruitment, have a look at the following ACAS guidance, or get in touch with a member of our team.


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