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Beyond 2014: the future of employment in Scotland

We hosted a very successful debate last week, ‘Beyond 2014: the future of employment in Scotland’. With the Scottish independence referendum just 16 months away, it proved to be a great opportunity to explore the potential impact of independence on employment and HR in Scotland.

The speakers tackled a wide variety of questions, including:

  • Could uncertainty about Scotland’s future relationship with the European Union have an effect on Scottish jobs? Is it deterring future investment?
  • In the event of independence, would the Scottish parliament take on the body of UK Employment law? Would there be an obligation to do so, or could the employment law landscape in Scotland be completely different?
  • Do Scotland’s immigration needs differ from those of the rest of the UK?
  • Scotland has a proportionally high number of people employed in the public sector. How would independence impact on their roles?

Click here for our fact sheet on the current Scottish employment statistics.

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