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Bangor’s answer to Erin Brockovich?

In the 2000 film Erin Brockovich, Julia Roberts portrayed a clerk who led a successful class action against a massive American corporation. Comparisons are being drawn between the film and Alex Gibson, a former secretary who studied law so she could conduct an Employment Tribunal claim.

Ms Gibson, who was recently awarded a first-class degree, claimed that she had been bullied due to dyslexia. She lodged an Employment Tribunal claim against her employer (who has not been named), and left her employment to study law a Bangor University. After representing herself through the case, which lasted over 2 years, the Employment Tribunal has found in her favour.

Speaking after her success, Ms Gibson explained that she decided to represent herself because she could not afford legal fees. This in itself is quite interesting, given the number of employment lawyers offering “no win no fee” arrangements to claimants. It may also be the case that, following the introduction of Employment Tribunal fees, more and more employees feel that representing themselves is the most cost-effective option for running an employment claim.

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