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Autumn seminar programme

Our BInformed autumn seminar programme is now live. If you’d like to come along to any of the sessions, please sign up here. Hope to see you there!

Performance management
We will explore:
• what performance management is and when should it should be used;
• top tips for effectively managing underperformance and managing legal risk;
• handling tricky issues that come up in managing underperformance; and
• how to start the conversation about underperformance and handle difficult performance conversations.

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Changing terms and conditions
This session will cover:
• how an employer should go about varying contracts of employment;
• the risks for employers if they get the process wrong; and
• our top tops for getting employees on board with contractual variations.

Should you stay or should you go? Managing Scottish shareholder disputes and exits
Experts from our corporate, dispute resolution and employment teams will discuss:
• the issues to be aware of when relations break down at board and/or shareholder level;
• how best to manage these difficult situations; and
• what should be done in advance to ensure that if these situations arise, they can be effectively and efficiently managed.

Scottish rate of income tax
This seminar will consider:
• who a Scottish taxpayer is and how the Scottish income tax will be collected;
• what types of income are affected
• the impact on deeds of covenant, pensions and pension contributions; and
• the implications for employers.

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