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Advocate General's Opinion in case re national disability discrimination legislation - Carlos Enrique Ruiz Conejero v Ferroser Servicios Auxiliares SA and Ministerio Fiscal (C-270/16) [ECJ AdvGen] 19.10.17 (Unreported)

Equal treatment in employment and occupation — Prohibition of discrimination based on disability — National legislation permitting, subject to certain conditions, the dismissal of an employee by reason of repeated absence, even where justified — Duly justified absence linked to the employee’s disability. OPINION on the application of the prohibition of discrimination on grounds of disability laid down by Directive 2000/78 to national legislation which allowed an employer to terminate a contract of employment following a period or periods of absence from work without reference to the fact that the employee in question may be disabled.

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Category: Employment » Disability discrimination; Dismissal; EC Law. Area(s) of law: Employment.

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