1. Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice v McCloud [CA] 20.12.18 (unreported)
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  18. Settled status: public test phase now open
  19. Independent Review of the Modern Slavery Act - Second interim report: Transparency in supply chains
  20. Claimants seeking to present a multiple claim together to employment tribunal - Brierley v Asda Stores Ltd [CA] 17.01.19 (Unreported)
  21. Member state legislation held to be discriminatory on grounds of religion - Cresco Investigation GmbH v Achatzi (2019) (C-193/17) [ECJ] 22.01.19 (Unreported)
  22. Interpretation of the Industrial Training Levy (Construction Industry Training Board) Order - Hudson Contract Services Ltd v Construction Industry Training Board [QBD] 18.01.19 (Unreported)
  23. Work-Life Balance: Commission welcomes the provisional agreement
  24. BEIS consultation on pregnancy and maternity discrimination re redundancy protection - Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination: Consultation on extending redundancy protection for women and new parents
  25. Banker sues Coutts for sex discrimination
  26. FCA Handbook Notice No.62 - Handbook Notice No 62
  27. Jurisdiction and domicile: English case re Lugano Convention - Cunico Resources NV v Daskalakis [CommCrt] 18.01.19 (Unreported)
  28. Code of practice on preventing illegal working Civil penalty scheme for employers
  29. Genral Court's judgment in fixed-term workers case - Grupo Norte Facility, S.A. v Gómez (2018) (C-574/16) [ECJ GC] 05.06.18 (Unreported)
  30. Legal blow for Asda in equal pay case
  31. Jurisdiction over individual contracts of employment - Petronas Lubricants Italy SpA v Guida (2018) (C-1/17) [ECJ] 21.06.18 (Unreported)
  32. J v K and another [CA] 22.01.19