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  11. Sex discrimination and minimum height requirement - Esoterikon v Kalliri (2017) (C-409/16) [ECJ] 18.10.17 (Unreported)
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  13. Scope of concept of 'transfer of an undertaking or business' within the meaning of EU Directive 2001/23 - Securitas - Servicos e Tecnologia de Seguranca SA v ICTS Portugal - Consultadoria de Aviacao Comercial SA (2017) (C-200/16) [ECJ] 19.10.17 (Unreporte
  14. Workers (Definition and Rights) Bill 2017 [Private Member's Bill] introduced - Workers (Definition and Rights) Bill 2017 (HC Bill 114)
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  21. Advocate General's Opinion in case re national disability discrimination legislation - Carlos Enrique Ruiz Conejero v Ferroser Servicios Auxiliares SA and Ministerio Fiscal (C-270/16) [ECJ AdvGen] 19.10.17 (Unreported)
  22. police officers entitled to bring discrimination claims in ET in respect of dismissals following proceedings before Police Misconduct Panel - P v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [SupCrt EW] 25.10.17
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