1. Jurisdiction in air crew employment contract disputes - Nogueira v Crewlink Ltd (C-168/16) [ECJ AGO] 27.04.17 (Unreported)
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  32. Establishing wage and pension loss in employment case: standard of proof (Malcolm v Dundee CC) - Malcolm v Dundee City Council [IH] 26.05.17
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  34. Trafficking and Exploitation Strategy
  35. Equal pay judgment re council's pay protection arrangements - Glasgow City Council v Unison Claimants and others [IH] 30.05.17
  36. Proposal for a Regulation amending Regulation 561/2006 as regards on minimum requirements on maximum daily and weekly driving times, minimum breaks and daily and weekly rest periods and Regulation 165/2014 as regards positioning by means of tachographs
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