1. Stress at work
  2. Are you ready to work ‘smarter’?
  3. Gender pay gap a myth beyond sell-by-date
  4. Concern over Apprenticeship Levy
  5. Naeem v Secretary of State for Justice [CA] 09.12.15
  6. Apprenticeship Levy
  7. Further consultation on limiting public sector exit payments
  8. NHS whistleblower awarded huge damages for unfair dismissal
  9. Legislative Scrutiny: Trade Union Bill: First Report of Session 2015-16. (HL Paper No.92 (Session 2015/16); HC Paper No.630 (Session 2015/16))
  10. EU referendum: In or out – what will happen to employment law?
  11. Time to drive gender equality home with robust legislation
  12. Lawyers warn of tribunals flood
  13. Ministers seek to amend Trade Union Bill for the Lords
  14. Mist v Derby Community Health Services NHS Trust EAT] 22.01.16 (Unreported)
  15. Dyslexic employee wins discrimination case against Starbucks
  16. Trailblazing Transparency: Mending the Gap
  17. Reasonable adjustments to accommodate the disabilities of claimants attending a hearing. - Rackham v NHS Professionals Ltd [EAT] 16.12.15 (Unreported)
  18. Closing the Gender Pay Gap: Government response to the consultation
  19. Government response to the consultation on amendments to employment tribunal postponement procedures
  20. Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Government Consultation on Draft Regulations
  21. Application of International Labour Standards 2016
  22. Proposal for a Council Decision on guidelines for the employment policies of the Member States [COM(2016) 71 final : 2016/0043 (NLE)]
  23. ACAS reffrences in TUPE cases: substitution for original respondent - Drake International Systems Ltd v Blue Arrow Ltd [EAT] 27.01.16 (Unreported)
  24. Gender gap about lot more than headlines
  25. Holiday pay - EAT refuses employer's appeal in Lock v British Gas - Lock v British Gas [EAT] 22.02.16 (Unreported)
  26. Working Time Directive uncertainty at root of new cases
  27. Discrimination continues in job adverts, Equality Commission warns
  28. EAT decision re lay-off and short-time working periods - Craig v Bob Lindfield & Son Ltd. [EAT] 20.11.15 (Unreported)
  29. Tea room owners forced to pay out for thieving worker
  30. Better maternity rights
  31. Recruitment Sector: Government response to the consultation on reforming the regulatory framework for the recruitment sector and proposal to prohibit EEA-only recruitment.
  32. Employee of insolvent employer - scope of protection - Greece v Stroumpoulis (C-292/14) [ECJ] 25.02.16 (Unreported)
  33. Permission to appeal decisions in two Judicial Review cases: employment tribunal fees and the residency test for legal aid
  34. Barmaids barred by law
  35. Citizens Advice chief in legal action threat after sacking
  36. The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2016. Draft