1. Whistleblowing and gagging clauses: Briefing Paper (CBP 7442)
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  15. Employer's monitoring of worker's private internet messages did not breach ECHR - Barbulescu v Romania (61496/08) [ECHR] 13.01.16 (Unreported)
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  32. Financial services - third party rights - whether applicant identified in notice - Ashton v Financial Conduct Authority [UT (Tax)] 12.01.16 (Unreported)
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  34. Options to thwart UK TU bill considered
  35. Public consultation on an employer's obligation to inform employees of the conditions applicable to the contract or employment relationship (the so-called "Written Statement Directive").
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  37. Moorthy v Revenue and Customs Commissioners [UT (Tax)] 14.01.16 (Unreported)
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