1. Court finds that a vicar works for God not his bishop
  2. Court of Appeal judgment in age discrimination case - Reynolds v CLFIS (UK) Ltd [CA] 30.04.15
  3. Employment status of CofE rector: Court of Appeal judgment - Sharpe v Worcester Diocesan Board of Finance Ltd [CA] 30.04.15 (Unreported)
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  10. Scottish Government and STUC's memorandum of understanding re further devolution - First Minister and the STUC agree on transfer of powers
  11. Does an employer require to put a disciplinary process on hold when an employee raises a grievance?
  12. ECJ judgment yesterday re meaning of “establishment” in collective redundancies (Spanish case) - Canas v Nexea Gestion Documental S.A. (C-392/13) 13.05.15 (Unreported)
  13. ECJ judgment yesterday re meaning of “establishment” in collective redundancies (Northern Irish case) - Lyttle v Bluebird UK Bidco 2 Ltd (C-182/13) [ECJ] 13.05.15 (Unreported)
  14. Court of Appeal judgment re accrual of wages - Hartley v King Edward VI College [CA] 14.05.15 (Unreported)
  15. Care worker's harassment case victory over sex texts
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  21. Consultation: Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
  22. New immigration measures to be set out in bill
  23. English High Court judgment re employer's duty of trust and confidence - Bradbury v BBC [ChD] 15.05.15 (Unreported)
  24. CJEU case re fixed-term workers: Advocate General's opinion issued - Regojo Dans v Consejo de Estado (C-177/14) [ECJ AdvGen] 20.05.15 (Unreported)
  25. Javid rules out relaxation of employment laws
  26. Consultation issued re future of the Scottish Agricultural Wages Board - Scottish Agricultural Wages Board
  27. Scottish Government launches Scottish Business Pledge - Scottish Business Pledge
  28. Tribunal procedure – rejection of claim forms - Higgins v Home Office [EAT] 06.05.15 (Unreported)
  29. EAT decision re jurisdiction and applicable law - Olsen v Gearbulk Services Ltd [EAT] 28.04.15 (Unreported)
  30. Employment law – First Commencement Order under Small Business Act 2015 - The Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (Commencement No.1) Regulations 2015. SI 2015/1329 (C.75)
  31. Employment lawyers claim that law to protect zero-hours workers is "toothless”
  32. Ban on ‘exclusivity clauses’ in zero hour contracts comes into force
  33. Family friendly rights 2015
  34. Jewish woman win £16k damages over Shabbat row