Workbox by Brodies

Welcome to Workbox by Brodies. The aim of this site is to give you easy access to up-to-date employment law know-how, from a source you can trust.

Our online content pages have been carefully designed to focus on the practical answers you need in your day-to-day work. They will give you the quick answer you need one day, or the step-by-step guide you need the next. 

Our template contracts, policies, letters and forms are ready for you to adapt to suit your needs, making your life that bit easier.

Content will be constantly updated by Brodies' industry-leading employment law team and developed in response to your needs: regular new materials will be inspired by site usage, direct requests and FAQs.

Our telephone and email helpline service provides straightforward support, but other options are available if you need more assistance.

We know what HR teams and experienced managers can do themselves. We also know that there are situations in which we can add value. Through Workbox by Brodies our aim is to make that distinction a little clearer. We want to give you easy access to up-to-date know-how that you just want to check, whilst at the same time helping you recognise the more complex or challenging issues that require specialist legal input.

Workbox by Brodies gives you:

Employment law guidance that is divided into subject areas that link directly to your day-to-day tasks and common issues

The site has been set out in the form of questions that we have been asked by clients – passing on the value of the expertise that we have amassed within the team. You will find quick answers to everyday questions and step-by-step guides to common processes, such as disciplinary, grievance, sickness absence and managing family leave. Subjects are grouped in line with HR workstreams and subject areas. Each box lists the main subjects covered, but if you are unsure where to look, click on the box for more detailed information and additional links, or use the search tool.


We have drawn on our experience to produce useful template contracts, policies, letters and forms, written in clear language. These will give you a solid starting point: they will prompt you to include information and material that is important, and you can adapt them to suit your business and the particular case in front of you. If you have a question about how a template has been laid out or its contents, you can ask us via the telephone or email helpline. If you want us to look at what you have prepared we can do that within the terms of any additional retainer support that you have arranged with us. If the law changes, we will update our templates so that you can always be sure that you have the most up-to-date version.

'Your Documents'

The 'Your Documents' section of the site lets you create a library of your favourite content and templates, so that you can find them quickly and efficiently. To use this function, and create a link within 'Your Documents':

  • To save a content page: click 'Save this' at the top-right of the page you want to save.
  • To save a template: click 'Save this' beside the link to that template at the bottom of a content page, or on the 'Templates' main page.
  • If you want to create your own tailored templates, adapted to suit your style or particular terminology, let us know and we can save them into 'Your Documents' so you can access them whenever you need to. To protect your privacy, your tailored documents cannot be accessed by other users, and will only be available for you to view. 

'What's new?' and statutory rates

Our 'what's new?' page captures key developments in employment legislation, consultations and case law in a form that is easy to access and understand. It is regularly updated so you can quickly identify important developments and horizon scan for strategic planning. We also have a useful table of up-to-date statutory rates.

Helpline and relationship adviser

Because this is a competitively priced but high quality product, we are offering a telephone and email helpline on a limited basis, unless otherwise agreed with you. The helpline can provide user information, some technical support and basic guidance about site content. The helpline will not: offer in-depth help on complex issues; answer academic questions; provide follow-up or ongoing advice on a particular situation; or provide any form of document checking etc. other than simple advice on the use of substitute language for certain templates.  The helpline will be available 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding some public holidays).

In addition to the helpline, when you subscribe to Workbox by Brodies you will be given a named relationship adviser who can provide you with further guidance on using the site and the points at which it is appropriate to come to us for additional guidance.

If you would like a more comprehensive legal support service, we will discuss a retainer with you to provide specific guidance on how to handle particular cases, or exercise judgement on the following subjects:

  • Grievances
  • Disciplinary 
  • Leaving
  • Sickness absence and disability 
  • Families
  • Time off.

Blogs and newsfeed

Use these to keep up to date with legal developments and case law. We will cover all important decisions and will ensure that we report on cases that will have a direct impact on your work or HR practice.

Site updating and further developments 

Workbox by Brodies is maintained and updated by lawyers from Brodies employment law team. They will refine and develop the content to meet your needs in line with direct requests, the frequency of visits to particular sections and questions arising from the helpline. New content uploaded to the site and answers to FAQs will be produced on an anonymous basis: to protect your privacy we will never include information about individuals or your business.